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Sleeping With Back Pain


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Purchasing  a new mattress is an important decision, and if you have back pain, it’s even more important to select the best mattress that will  help alleviate your condition. 

Here is some basic information on the best matches of mattress types for specific back pain conditions plus the most comfortable sleeping positions for each:

1. Osteoarthritis – If you suffer from osteoarthritis you will probably find that it is more comfortable for you to sleep on your side with your knees pulled up towards your chest as if you were in the fetal position. Raising your knees opens up the joints of the spine and should help relieve some of the pressure. The best type of bed for this condition is an adjustable bed, as the head and legs can be raised giving a similar effect to sleeping in the fetal position.

2. Degenerative Disk Condition – Degenerative disk disease is a particularly difficult condition. If you suffer from this condition you will probably find that sleeping on your stomach with a flat pillow positioned under your hips and stomach will give you the most comfort. This position should relieve some of the pressure on the disks, and a you’ll find that a relatively firm mattress will work best for you.

3. Hip Pain – If you have hip pain, sleeping on your side more is usually more comfortable than anything else. If you get some comfort from sleeping this way, try putting a soft pillow between your knees as this will relieve a lot of the pressure from across the top of your hips and should relieve your pain. The best type of mattress  is likely to be a medium to firm mattress, but this condition it is very much left up to individual preference.

4. Non-Specific Back Pain – If you have non-specific back pain or some other form of lower back pain, you might  benefit from sleeping on your back with a pillow placed below slightly raised knees. In general, when you bend your knees when you sleep on your back, it will reduce strain on your lower back muscles.

The same phenomenon is true when you’re sitting down at a desk for long periods of time or are standing on your feet all day. If you can find a piece of wood or something to rest one of your feet on, it will reduce the strain on your lower back. If you have to stand a lot, if you could find something to put your foot on, like a box or step, then shift from one foot to the other every fifteen minutes, you will reduce strain on your lower back and there will be less pain.

One final tip that has helped a lot of back pain sufferers is to sleep in a reclining chair or on one of the many adjustable beds that are available nowadays. If you notice that your back pain is worse when standing upright but better when bent forward slightly, using an adjustable chair or bed will benefit you.

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