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New Treatment For Spinal Stenosis

A new procedure for treating spinal stenosis shows great promise for some spinal stenosis sufferers.

A minimally invasive procedure for removing portions of tendons coming into contact with the patient’s  spinal cord has provided nearly instantaneous and permanent relief from stenosis pain. But this will work only for some, not all, stenosis patients.


In this procedure, a local anesthesia numbs an area ot the back to enable a small needle with a cutting feature to be  inserted into the patient’s back to an area where there is a lumbar decompression caused by a tendon that is touching the spine. The cutting device trims away the portion of the tendon that is touching the spine, and the pain is eliminated. The procedure takes less than an hour, and since only a local anesthesia is required, patients can be discharged within several hours after the procedure. Just like any other out-patient operation.


Not all spinal stenosis can be treated so simply,however,  but for those sufferers whose stenosis pain is being caused by this source, this is truly welcome news.


How Do You Know Your Back Pain is Spinal Stenosis?


Spinal stenosis describes the painful form of back pain caused by a narrowing of the spinal canal or a vertebra that comes into contact with the spinal cord resulting in back pain that sometimes radiates through the lower extremities. The symptom of this type of stenosis  is leg pain and fatigue that occurs when walking that can only be relieved by sitting down. If this describes your condition, you should contact a specialist.


You must first be diagnosed with spinal stenosis that can only be determined through a MRI. This will determine whether your back pain is in fact being created by  your tendon pinching your spinal nerves. If this is determined to be the cause of your back and leg discomfort, it could be your lucky day!


But you must first contact a back pain specialist to see if a MRI is needed.



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